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Phase II Renovations


Phase II renovations are still on schedule to be completed by May 11th. Floors have been finished and curtains have been hung, separating the two private event galleries and providing room for storage along the backside of the space.


All exposed HVAC pipes have been covered with black duct-wrap to not only insulate but better blend with the newly painted ceilings as well.


We are excited to see great progress with The Legacy Center's Phase II remodel since its initiation in January of 2022. The industrial space renovations will include two modern galleries that can be occupied by over 500 guests in a comfortable, modern setting. 

The Phase II renovation will provide the space with a polished new look, perfect for conferences, receptions, productions and more!

The Legacy Center Campus Map

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Renovations are scheduled to be complete by mid-May, with bookings already being scheduled for many upcoming private events. The space will have many amazing updates not only for events, but for content creation as well.

All updates are to include:

  • Two Separate Gallery Spaces

  • Podcast/Media Lounge

  • Industrial Grade HVAC throughout

  • All New Interior Paint

  • High Gloss Finished Floors

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