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Windows.7.Loader.v1.9.5-DAZ 64 Bit breigayl




and the slacker it's run fine so I suppose there's no problem with my hardware maetthew: you can install the i386 version of ubuntu as well if you want shafox: make a bootable usb and test that EriC^^: I am trying to avoid that since I need some special libraries, but that's ok shafox: or install ubuntu in a virtual machine and check if that works OK Hello. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and I want to install php5.6. I did a search on ubuntu forums but they recommend installing php5.5 first. Is that correct? Maetthew: it's not like an executable would run slower on 32 bit than 64 Maetthew: the programs are just running in a 64bit process space, that's all maros, it should be an option to choose the version maros: on 14.04 you dont need to install anything. k1l_, i guess i will have to install the virtual machine. and test maros: make sure that its not a PPA that made your system to not work EriC^^: But in the loader program the first two bytes of code are different: They are the same in 64bit and 32 bit loader but in the 64bit it's null-terminated and in 32 it is not. And also the size of the code section is different, although the code section is the same Maetthew: which loader program? Maetthew: i think it's for the bios image EriC^^: the one that launches grub after the bootloader, the first two bytes are stored at different places Maetthew: oh ok EriC^^: Like the first 2 bytes in the 64 bit loader are in the right place in the 32 bit loader Maetthew: ok, so what is




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Windows.7.Loader.v1.9.5-DAZ 64 Bit breigayl

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