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TREF Phase II Development of the Legacy Center

Atlanta based, Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF), the first Black owned Regulation A+ Tier II Impact Fund designed to resurrect and expand Black Wall Street announced today, on the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of Tulsa Real Estate Fund, the beginning of its Phase II Development at the Legacy Center campus in East Point, GA.

The Legacy Campus which consists of 35,000 sq ft of functional event space, two acres situated five minutes from Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International airport is the only building in the qualified opportunity zone of East Point, Georgia that is community owned by 14,240 individuals! This community ownership was made possible through the Tulsa Real Estate Fund and the men and women who reached into their purse and wallets to practice group economics to acquire property that would be owned by the people and used for the people.

We are excited to begin the Phase II renovations this year and look forward to providing an even better space, BY the people, FOR the people!

The Phase II renovation will provide The Legacy Center's 20,000 square foot industrial warehouse space with a polished look, perfect for conferences, receptions, productions and more! Schedule your tour today to plan for your upcoming event.


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