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Live with Jay & Ernestine Morrison: TREF in the Black Mecca, ATL.

Earlier this month, co-founders Jay and Ernestine Morrison got the chance to share The Tulsa Real Estate Fund’s accomplishments, and what they’re doing to support the community with Black News Channel.

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF), is the first 100 percent black-owned Tier 2 Real Estate Crowd Fund in Atlanta, generating over $7.1 million with the goal of investing in real estate and combatting gentrification while teaching the building blocks to generational wealth, creation, and entrepreneurship.

The Legacy Center was the first acquisition of TREF. A 20,000 square foot economic empowerment hub providing modern private offices, media, and production centers and event space for any project, production, or gathering in East Point, Georgia.

In addition to the co-working membership model, The Legacy Center brings exciting wealth and financial services, education classes, curated events, and meetups to an underserved community.

Leaning heavily on the Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wallstreet philosophy of group economics, The Legacy Center exists because of the largest economic galvanization of members of the African American community in modern history.

“This was a dual collab of my vision in real estate and my wife’s vision in content creation, media, and what’s needed here in Atlanta.” Jay said, “we want it to be a beacon that group economics [and] unity do exist [in Atlanta].”

Check out the full interview below! And, for more information about The Tulsa Real Estate Fund, click here.


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