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Monthly Events!


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Motivational Mondays
Every Monday
Members can enjoy complimentary breakfast in our Cafe and Lounge every Monday! 
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Wine Down Wednesday
4th Wednesdays
During this special mid-week event you will have the opportunity to relax and network with like-minded Kings and Queens. Come witness what our space has to offer while taking the reins on building your professional network.
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Couple's Game Night
3rd Thursdays
Bring your game face and positive winning attitude for a fun night of a few rounds of some classic and trendy, new games. Don't be a sore loser and don't forget to bring your loved one!
Game Night
4th Fridays
Join us for a night of classic as well as modern, trendy games. Who knows? You may just meet your next potential match by the end of the night. Bring your A-game, poker face, and a positive winning attitude for this all-new Game Night networking mixer. 
Big Brothers Anonymous
1st & 3rd Saturdays
As a part of the Obama Foundation’s incentives, Big Brothers Anonymous’ mission is to provide a safe space and mentorship to young black men between the ages of 12-22 to improve and empower their lives, while ultimately keeping them away from the streets.